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Caption Fun with Hillary and Her Hijab

So what the heck is going on here?!?

Hillary holding hands up

They say a picture says a thousand words...lets see if I can find a few of 'em....

"By how many points does the GOP lead in the generic ballot? This many."

Learning to pray to you know who

"I really think the Ground Zero Mosque should go here"


Miming the box Obama keeps her in

Real Muslims wear blue?

"How many times today has your approval rating dropped? This many."


"Bowing to everyone is bad for your back, you gotta do it like the French"

"Look at me! I'm falling for Obama's bull-shut-yo-mouth!"

She is secretly telegraphing that she misses "W"


One way to rile up the natives in the Muslim world is to hike up those sleeves and show a little wrist

"Hey Hillary, show us what your jump shot looks like"

"How many times today has Barack made me feel like it should've been me? This many."

Alright guys, show me what you got!