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Is O'Donnell a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

If you haven't heard the latest item dredged up from Christine O'Donnell's past here it is.

Note to self: Don't reveal youthful indiscretions to an unfunny liberal douche-bag in front of TV cameras.

Top 10 reasons Jared is unfit for public office... starting with number 25

I do a lot of top 10 lists, and this video has me thinking I should do one outlining the reasons I can never run for public office that don't include the things I say on this blog.

Does this clip do anything to prove she even was an avowed witch? I don't know, I'm not prepared to defend her on that count, but it truly does come across to me as someone who was being young, dumb, and wanting to sound cool on a show where she was undoubtedly treated like the nerd in school people only talked to when they wanted her help cheating on a test.

This show was taped on the eve of liberals losing their iron grip on the media, back then conservatives had to get a little Patrick Dempsy circa "Can't Buy Me Love" if they wanted to hang with that Rat Pack (not the cool kind with Frankie and Sammie...Maher and his pals actually are a pack of rats).

What really gets me going on this is the head-spinning hypocrisy on religion from the left. I guess too much of their sanctimonious first amendment energy has been focused on lecturing us about allowing the Ground Zero Mosque, they just don't have anything left to be consistent on this issue.

Speaking of consistency...

Lets assume for a second that she gleefully engaged in Wiccan activities. O'Donnell has long since come to Christianity, and she came to it because she found the emptiness of living, by her own admission, a sexually loose life among other indiscretions.

Amazing Grace is one of the most beautiful and profound songs ever written and it came from a reformed slave trader. Perhaps we should start banning the song from churches....or maybe Bill Maher needs to get a life and we should support O'Donnell's advocacy for what American life should be today.