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The Latest Conservative Party Game Craze...

Pin the tea bag on the RINO

Congrats to Christine O'Donnell, I know the pundits have written her off, but I haven't forgotten that once upon a time...THIS YEAR...a sacrificial lamb from Massachusetts we call SENATOR Scott Brown, someone even I ignored until it was too late, was down 30 points in the polls.

Even if she loses badly would the GOP have really been better off with a Lincoln Chafee by a different name? I'm not asking for uber-conservative, I'm not even asking for very conservative, but somewhat-conservative would be nice. Her opponent Mike Castle gets a failing grade from Club For Growth, NRA, and the American Conservative Union!

I know things don't look good for her compared to how Mike Castle would've fared, but the last couple of years have been FILLED WITH THE IMPROBABLE...Barack Obama should be Hillary Clinton's vice president right now, so as far as I'm concerned the GOP establishment can take their O'Donnell doom and gloom and shove it you know where.