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Dems Want To...Leave It to Bieber?

Remember when Dick Cheney dropped the f-bomb in a private conversation with Pat Leahy and that cuuuuuuute little girl from Kids for Kerry who looked like little orphan Annie and told us

Big f**king deal whats the point?
and then proceeded to urge us to vote for the guy who dropped a national headline making f-bomb in an interview with Rolling Stone.

I don't know how making a kid a spokesperson for grown-up matters is supposed to be persuasive, but I guess with "progressives," or liberals, or whatever nice-sounding adjective they're trying to ruin the meaning of, it makes sense to include children in the political process since the only maturing they actually go through is strictly physical anyway.

Now the Center for American Progress's college wing "Campus Progress" is trying to capitalize on Justin Bieber to encourage Democrats to vote. Who is Justin Bieber? He's a 16 year old who lipsynchs on stage to sound engineered music and it makes 12 year old girls want to do things to him we adults only read about in "Diary of a 21st Century Public School Student."

Internet-savvy types know that teen heartthrob Justin Bieber pretty much rules the Web. Just last week, rumors spread that Bieber’s fan base was so active on Twitter that the microblogging website has servers dedicated just to him. Twitter didn’t confirm that, but it didn’t deny it, either.

The takeaway? If you're trying to get a message to go viral, your success rate will surely be higher if you can somehow tie in the Biebs.

So that’s just what Campus Progress, the college spinoff of the Center for American Progress, decided to do to get people to vote in the midterms.

"We're trying to leverage Bieber fever," Campus Progress's Sara Haile-Mariam told POLITICO. "Most of his fans are 12 years old — we acknowledge that." Still, they hope that Bieber fans will “tell their parents.... The hope is to create something that goes viral and gets young people to be aware of the election."

See the rest at Politico

Oh yeah, kids are telling their parents how to vote...

Mom, dad put down that newspaper and listin...k? Serisly you guys, like, this story is, like, fuh reals....k? You have to VOTE, fer Justen, cuz he said...k?.....cuz Becky told Molly, who told Tammy's brother's friend Marc who made out with Stacia and then told me all about et that you have to vote Dumicrap, or whatever, so Publikens can't ban text messaging and lip gloss....eww....

Companies market to children counting on the nag factor being applied to their parents on things such as toys and happy meals, but now these Proglodytes (shout out to iOwnTheWorld for that one) think this time its going to work on taxes and national security?

The perfect Democrat!

They don't even have a grip on times tables, or economics, or history, or civics, or anything that concerns the adult world...because they're not friggin' adults!

Its no wonder liberal politicians make arguments as if they're talking to children, their acolytes think elections are like the MTV Video Music Awards.