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Top 10 Ways Hillary Clinton Keeps Herself Busy

Remember Hillary Clinton? Who would've thought Secretary of State, the highest post in the cabinet, would've been such an effective black hole for the would be president. That's led me to wonder what it is she could be doing to bide her time until 2012.....

10. Amateur fashion design, somebody has to bring sexy back to cankles.

9. Escapes the pain of losing to Obama with a bubble bath, scented candles, a box of chocolates, a glass of wine, and her Monica Lewinsky scrapbook.

8. Lobbies speculators in the oil and gold markets to start pushing pants suits.

7. Demands continued recounts in her endangered run for HOA president.

6. Still trying to find a takers on eBay for the tiara she would've worn as president.

5. Keeps her laugh in tune by mixing cats and blenders.

4. Plays word games out of phrases….i.e. how many profane words can be spelled from the letters in “Barack Obama” (her favorite).

3. Fires aides who try to tell her that "Barack Obama" can't actually spell "f**king a**hole."

2. Tries to find out why Bill's Facebook constantly "likes" what comes out of Monica's Twitter.

1. Still trying to figure out how she can make her profile not match up with Bill's on e-Harmony.