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Al Gore's Very Own Nuke 'Em High

In an honor that could be misinterpreted as a slap in the face, a Los Angeles school district has named a new academy after Al Gore -- the only problem is the school was built on toxic soil.

The Los Angeles Times reports that crews worked up to the Labor Day weekend to try to clean up the Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences in the run-up to its Sept. 13 opening.

The $75.5 million facility was named after Gore, who has made bringing awareness to climate change a personal cause since leaving office, and environmental author Rachel Carson. The former vice president was never informed the school would bear his name.

Wonder why....

Read the rest via Fox News

Read the original LA Times article here

Let me be the first to say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This will go down as the greatest "happy accident" of my lifetime.

Enviralmentalists (that's not a typo, they have a virus in their brain) are saying this school is an affront to Gore's life work....

AN AFFRONT! This is just priceless! As if the Climategate emails aren't enough now scientists are saying their estimates on icecap loss needs to be slashed by 50%!

An affront they say....Al Gore's entire life is an affront to the truth. Even if (and at this point its a big if) science truly supported the snake oil he sells this PREACHA MAN of the church of Global Warming schtick gets really freakin' old when you have to strain to hear him over the roar of his private jets or through the fence of his energy guzzling mansions.

We are given dire warnings to change the way we live or face environmental Armageddon from this 21st century Greenhouse Milli Vanilli and there is only one conclusion you can draw from any of it...Heidi Montag's breasts are more real than the threat of global warming

It's not even open and it's already the best school ever.