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Some Random Thoughts About Liberals

Heres a bunch of random thoughts in my head that, at the moment, I don't know how to convert into posts in and of I'm laying them all out here...

Here are some budget neutral ways we can reduce the deficit....

1.Sell all of the unsold Obama memorabilia back to China

2. After forcing people to air the tires on their car everyday we can make the savings on gas taxable income

3. eBay the real birth certificate(s)

4. Take out an insurance policy against whats left of Obama's approval rating

5. If I had dime for every time a Democrat publicly dropped an F-bomb....

I think Obama should have a stash

I mean...why not? Right?

We should direct stimulus money to fund development of true "bridge to nowhere" so Obama's presidency can finally have a clear direction

We should also direct stimulus money to funding more "shovel ready" jobs after the Democrats get buried in November

We need to find a way to convert the pitch of Harry Reid's voice into electricity
When Sharon Angle defeats him he could begin promising career as a dog whistle

"I miss Janet Reno," or is it "I mister Janet Reno?"

The policy for admittance into the White House should mirror any policy the President decides to enforce on illegal immigration

Just imagine the how much better the "Recovery Summer" would've been if the signs promoting it cost $20K instead of $10K

Gay marriage is a big mess that really needs to be straightened out

Campaign: Probama
Election: Gobama
Media Appearances: Hobama
Socialism: Nobama
Falling approval rating: Blowbama
BP Oil Spill: Slowbama
Gay Marriage: Homobama
Illegal Immigration: Para bailar la Obamba!
Talking about him "like a dog": Ruh Rohbama

Isn't it time to change the term "bald faced lies" to "telling a load of Carville's?"

Having conquered "senile" I think Pelosi should start looking her age too

Biden would sound a lot smarter if we surgically fused his mouth to a kazoo