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Things That Are Worse Than Witchcraft...

O'Donnell may have stupidly "dabbled in witchcraft" but I can think of a few things that may be worse...

Bill Maher having a nose that big and never realizing how bad his jokes stink.

Being the "um" counter in one of Obama's teleprompterless speeches

Watching Harry Reid try to convince a sports store clerk that he really needs that jock strap.

Electing Charlie Crist to anything but Self-tanner Czar

Barney Frank retiring from Congress to become the new spokesman for Viagra.

Biden participating in any spelling bee...

Studying the medical phenomenon of how Biden's hair plugs take root anything to in that big empty head

Pelosi fundraisers where guests donate with botox coupons

The data Al Gore uses to prove global warming

Being Chris Coons and realizing your opponent for Senate "dabbled" in something more believable than Marxism.

Check out what others have come up with at the #WorseThanWitchcraft hashtag at Twitter