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Did The Gulf Oil Spill Pull A Houdini?

All of a sudden according to the Obama administration we're getting reports that the gulf has dodged an ecological bullet? Apparently everything is good, the oil is evaporating.



is apparently EVAPORATING like it's....

Does ANYONE buy this crap? Oil gushed into the ocean for MONTHS without end to the tune of 5 million barrels. Liberals begged for straight jackets when Exxon Valdez spilled, at its highest estimate, spilled about 750,000 barrels. The ecosystem there STILL hasn't totally recovered.

By the most liberal estimate the gulf oil spill is more than 5 times worse and we're supposed to believe the problem...just went away?

Something tells me the people who put this report together are going to admit they made a mistake sometime after November 2. I don't know...just a hunch.

But don't ask me, I'm a peon whose conservative brain can't comprehend how common sense is defied...

Also, I'm at war with science.