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Liberal Pickup Lines

Actually not an easy task trying to come up with good ones (I'm not sure I did), but it seemed fun to at least attempt. This was inspired by the #LiberalPickupLines hastag on Twitter.

If you're not a fan of juvenile and/or sexual innuendo then some of these may not be for you...consider yourself warned.

Lets go back to my place so we can hike up your taxes and bash some Bush

Can I get someone else to buy you a drink?

Is the money in your pocket inflated or are you just happy to see me?

How about going out for taxes and sex? What?!? You don't like sex?

Reid.....Harry Reid

My safety word is "Lower my taxes"

I'm hung lower than Congress's approval rating

I wanna ride you like a Prius

I'm going to love you 'till Obama reads Arizona's immigration law.

(San Francisco special) Is that a banana in your pocket or are you really a dude

My safety word is "Praise Jesus Amen!"

Fwank....Bawney Fwank

Let me buy you a glass of Blame Bush, its my favorite red whine

You know what they say about guys with big carbon footprints....they have big private jets

Here are some of my favorites from Twitter's #LiberalPickupLines hashtag

"You had me at Mao!"

your mouth says "no," but this order from the 9th District Court of Appeals says "yes"

I get nude for animals. How about you?

Whats a Nice Girl like you doing in an Abortion Clinic like this?

I will make you scream the name of that guy you don't believe in.

My parents aren't home right now."

"I'm a covered benefit under your health insurance plan."

Can I organize your community?"

"Come up to my apartment and I'll show you some REAL inflation."

If you were Afghanistan I would never pull out.

Here are some good ones from a thread at Free Republic.

If I told you you had a nice Pelosi, would you hold it against me

Just call me Ralph Nader. Unsafe at any speed

I love the way you braided your armpit hair.