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Wrangling Rangel's Inevitable Resurrection

Other than hearing rumors that around the holidays if you place a glass of milk and a plate of race cards by a constitution burning fireplace he moves in to your home, pays below market rent and doesn't tell Congress, I don't actually know all that much about Charlie Rangel.

I can say that I don't understand what motivates the 80 year old to fight for a career he should have ended a generation ago so he wouldn't have to stick around long enough to get caught with 13 counts of ethics violations.

"You have started and executed the political crucifixion, but stay tuned for the political resurrection," says Al Sharpton at Rangel's 80th birthday party

Maybe its me, but I get such a spiritual charge out of hearing Sharpton getting all reverendy and comparing Rangel to Jesus Christ. I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I wonder about about his credibility, and then he says something like this and all of my faith in him is restored in a manner not unlike the honor of the men he falsely accused of raping Tawana Brawley.

Unfortunately for democracy, chances are Sharpton is right. According to a source more reliable than Biden playing Jeopardy, Rangel's Wikipedia page points out how "Rangel has won re-election every two years since (his first election to Congress), often with over 90 percent of the vote."

This explains exactly why he's refusing to back down from the ethics charges he's facing right now, he NEVER has to work for the power he has been given and he feels entitled to it. I can understand how this can be when election nights for him since 1970 have been just another reason to have a party to celebrate being the least accountable congressman ever.

These are exactly the seeds with which corruption is sown and we're expected to believe Charlie has been totally impervious to all of it for the entire 40 years he has been in Congress. I don't know why he doesn't just tell the truth since his "resurrection" is inevitable anyway.

That said, I'm not really sure I want to know what resurrection looks like for a crusty 80 year old.....

Charlie Rangel Mummy