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Top 10 Things You MIGHT Hear In An Obama Cabinet Meeting

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10. Since they have the agenda we can't start until the
teleprompters get here.

9. Sorry Joe, a big air conditioner wont stop global warming...

8. Thank you Ms. Sherrod for joining us on "bring your gaffe to work day."

7. Lets make this quick, the czars are throwing me a pizza party
in 10 minutes.

6. Um, Mr. President, you called Hillary "senator" again

5. Can't we just use the stimulus money to buy an approval rating?

4. And then I told Hillary, "yeah it was in the Oval Office, but at least we're married."

3. 2-4-6-8 America depreciate!

2. Can I be vice president today daddy?

1. Alright guys, who hacked my phone to make my text messages
say "LOL"?