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Would It Kill Hollywood to Make Movies Like This Again?

Would it really kill Hollywood to return to making movies with positive and (gasp) patriotic overtones? Nobody watches the anti-war, America bashing garbage they put out anyway.

From the marketing department that brought you President Barack Obama...

The first and only movie they're going to slip past me is Crapitar Avatar. Which by far is the most OVERRATED movie of all time, and that's without the Bush bashing anti-war undertones. I firmly believe that if we actually knew the plot of that flick, and didn't hear so much about how awesome the 3D technology was going to be, then most of us would've never given it the time of day. In the end we would've seen that instead of it being the highest grossing movie of all time it would've been more like James Cameron's sequel to Titanic.

Now, I have to confess I'm no connoisseur of old movies, and I'm starting to wonder why not. Thankfully my brother is, and he sent me this.

Happy July 4th...again!