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Top 10 Slogans For The 2010 Campaign

It's maybe a little soon for this one, but My last top 10 list was very well received I got amped up to make another one. Now that we have many of the primaries out of the way and the election landscape is taking shape, I wanted to help set the tone for it.

Everyone knows how this works, if I missed any good ones let me know by commenting below!

10. Vote Democrat, dozens of MSNBC viewers can’t be wrong.

9. Betting all of your money on red, so we can drown in ink that's red, brought to you by laws that we've never even read.

8. Hey! Lets cap and trade the constitution!

7. But OPEC said the oil spill was our chance to spread the wealth.

6. When Obama screws up...the only thing we have to fear is beer itself.

5. Obama's birth certificate is as real as the cash he used to buy it.

4. If you bash Bush long enough Barney Frank will ask you out.

3. ObamaCare…This is what derange looks like.

2. (To the tune of Naughty By Nature’s “O.P.P.”) You know the G.O.P. can’t outspend me.

1. Hope and Change, you can be leavin’