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Reeling From ObamaCare's Victory Fight For Health Care Rages On In San Francisco

Rare is the moment that the thing you want to mock actually mocks itself...

I'm going to rant now...

At the end of this demonstration in selfish-narcissism (a term that rips the time-space continuum and makes San Francisco the hell-mouth it is) these MasterTards have the audacity to let us know gay groups where involved in making of this amateur street show. If this was some kind of queer-eye hoe-down why was the dancing so damn bad? Where was the choreography? Where were the costumes?

How bad does this group of Lady Blah Blahs want health care anyway?

If they MUST sing and dance to make their point it should at least be good enough for the hotel management look at what they're doing, look at their balance sheet, look at the dancing again, and say "Yeah, this is worth denying economic reality."

I tell ya....they actually make me WANT to visit San Francisco and stay in every freakin' hotel there....and order room service.....and cling to my Bible. Dear God I would definitely need to do that.

A butt bug is better than an SF butt slug

Why do I have such a bug up my butt about San Francisco in this post? I don't live there so why should I care if a bunch of freaky bellhops want the hotel they work for to pay for their gay pap-smear party?

I care because that city is a microcosm for what liberal policies are going to do to this country if the Tea Party doesn't succeed in reminding us all what the real America is and should continue to be. The cost of living there is totally out of control, and even the residents know it. That is the consequence of acting like you're entitled to "free" everything if you throw a temper tantrum. It's NOT FREE! Someone, somewhere is paying for it!

If all this wasn't bad enough on its face, the time stamp on YouTube shows that this video was posted May 10, 2010....I'm not a math major but I think that is a whole 6 weeks after ObamaCare passed! These are Nancy Pelosi's constituents, did they not get the memo?

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the city already has a health care mandate on employers?

The real deal here is liberal's hunger for....stuff.....that they don't want to pay for is insatiable. They have already gotten their way on health care twice, and now they're telling their employer pony up. It never stops, it never freakin' stops..

I wish that was hyperbole, I wish I could say that there would come a point where even liberals would say, "no more money...aww shucks...maybe we DON'T have enough tax money for pensions for city workers pets, memorial plazas commemorating the persecution transgender-Americans, AND firefighters."

To that I give my response in the way that Joe Biden would put it...

Two words: Look at Greece.