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Top 10 Reasons Obama Delayed His Oil Spill Response

Everyone knows how this works, if I missed any good ones let me know by commenting below!

10. Didn’t know about the spill because the teleprompters were on vacation.

9. Someone challenged him to see how many rounds of golf he can play before people get pissed.

8. Didn’t want to act until his team created an oil spill graphic that incorporated his logo

7. Was too busy waterboarding Rahm Emmanuel for answers on why his cabinet calls him President Jenga.

6. Didn’t know where to go because “Caution Slippery Floor” signs wont stand on water.

5. Wasn’t sure it was actually that bad after seeing gulf residents with “this is what change looks like” signs.

4. Clean up the ocean? Pssh he was just waiting for the iPhone to release the app for that.

3. Wanted to test Keith Olbermann’s theory that rednecks would avoid the beach if the ocean was black.

2. Hasn’t cared about oil since Air Force One was retrofitted to run on the magic of the 2008 election.

1. Being asked “did you plug the hole yet daddy” at least 50 times while being president was actually an item on his "bucket list."