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Why Obama's Logo is Dangerous

As a graphic designer this is a subject that has been interesting and frightening to me for a long time now. Check out this fascinating and important video on iconography from Bill Whittle of Pajamas TV its 8 minutes long, but its so good it feels like 30 seconds.

I actually saw this video months ago, and it has served for inspiration and motivation for several pieces I've done (and can be found on my art page) since viewing it...

Obama Jello Pudding Pop Obamaton The one thing Obama would go nuclear on Congratulations Senator Scott Brown American Reform

I would love to know how many other drafts or concepts were worked up before coming to "the one." Even better, how many times did his team have to convince Obama that a picture of him looking into a mirror wont work with the American people as well as it works for him.

He puts that logo on EV-ER-Y-THING......I'm not that old but I'm pretty sure we haven't seen narcissism like this out of a political leader in this country, like, ever.

There's only enough room for one party of American sabotage

I can hear the libs now saying all I want to do is tear down the president rather than try to build up the country with him. Thats precisely what the problem has been with his campaign to be president all the way up until today. The Obama presidency has not been about a legacy for America. The Obama presidency has been by, for, and about Barack Obama.

We can say a lot about George W. Bush, or any other president, but we can't say that.

This idea can't be better demonstrated than at 2:35 into the video when Whittle shows an Obama campaign poster from 2008 that not only includes Obama's logo with all the other icon's of what America is, but Obama's logo actually comes front, center, and superseding all the other icons, which are faded to background status.

George W. Bush had the "W," which Whittle calls "amateur hour" because of its impact. However, the W in the video was shown flying the American flag. The W was HOLDING UP American ideals. Obama's logo has been and is continually seeking to REPLACE them.

Remember that every time you see Obama's logo. I, and many others, tear it down like its a present at Christmas because it MUST be torn down.

In the end the very American ideals Obama seeks to make secondary to the symbol of him will hopefully be his undoing, because they are bigger and more powerful than he is.

When the Tea Party says they want us to take this country back, they don't mean it in the partisan sense of voting Democrats out so they can be replace with Republicans. They want us to LITERALLY take back the country. It's not going to be the personal playground of ill received "leaders" any longer.

This can only be true if Americans will be willing and able to wield power of the 1st Amendment, endowed by God and not government.

How long do you think that will last when any president attempts to make our government centered around them and not our ideals. Not long if we don't do something about it.