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Be Wary of Clintons Offering Jobs In Private

Maybe "Joe" is Kenyan for "blabber mouth"

What is it with Obama and guys named Joe causing him trouble?

Between the BP well and Joe "loose lips" Sestak its just a matter of time before the word "leak" joins "radical Islam" on the elite Forbidden Obama Words List, or FOWL. (Look for the full list of what is considered FOWL language in a future post)

So let me see if I have this straight...

Pennsylvania Democrat Joe Sestak slays Arlen Specter for the Democratic Party nomination for Senate, but not before revealing how the Obama administration offered him a job if he dropped out of the race and hand Specter the nomination.

This action, it turns out, is a crime.

All of this sends a tingle up Chris Matthews's OTHER leg

After ignoring it didn't work, Obama has lunch with Bill Clinton, and shortly after that Clinton reveals he is the Pennsylvania Deepthroat who offered Sestak the job.

But wait, it wasn't a jobby-job, it was just an unpaid adivsory position. Now, Pennsylvania's Democratic Governor Ed Rendell is telling the country to chill out because basically all of this is politics as usual and everyone does it.

I left my dictionary in my other dunce cap so forgive me if I get this wrong, but how does one spell "politics as usual?"

Biden and Holder fued

To recap:

The White House asked Pennsylvania Democrats to vote for Arlen Specter, a man whom they had previously spent half a lifetime voting against. To make this half-baked plan work they offered a job in Obama's administration to a man who is leading in the polls for a Senate primary in a state where he is the odds on favorite to be the next senator (if Obama wasn't such a crappy president the election in Pennsylvania would be a mere formality) for God knows how long while Obama and anyone in his administration will be tossed on his ass in two years....tops.....barring any delay of the country exiting the Twilight Zone.

The last time Clinton asked someone to take an unpaid position Monica Lewinsky became undatable

To cover it up and divorce himself from all of this, Obama asks Bill Clinton to throw himself under the bus. Bill freakin' Clinton! He's NOT part of the Obama Administration, a fact that would be unmistakable to anyone with a pulse. So why would Sestak name-drop Obama? Billy has absolutely no authority whatsoever to speak for the administration..........unless they asked him to.

And they expect us to believe that all of this is being done so Sestak could become some kind of UNPAID Czar!

All of this is just too nuts for me. This is like that scene in the movie "Idiocracy" where Luke Wilson's character breaks out of prison by simply telling the prison guard he's not supposed to be there. These people think we are as dumb as they are!

I's like President Amateur Hour can't even get corruption right.