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Chris Christie: Worth His Weight In Bold

Governor Chris Christie dresses down a reporter for knocking his knees about him being a "combative" politician.

The Democrats wanted to mock Chris Christie for his big stomach, but he has to be a big guy. It takes A LOT of heart to get elected governor of Dirty Democratland and his body desperately needed to make room for it.

In Jersey the politicians called dibs on "prostitute"

In New Jersey he only thing dirtier than the prostitutes are the   hookers. The corruption in that state is more notoriously bad than Eric Holder giving a book report on the constitution.

I'm a strong believer in the sanctity of life, which is precisely why I'm in favor of making an exception to human cloning, because Governor Christie needs to replace all GOP politicians until they all graduate from the same school of backbone he attended.

The life of the the party and the country is at stake and we desperately need  people who can be half as honest and direct with the voters as Governor Christie has been with this reporter.

Utah got the message, and now they've sent their long time Senator Robert Bennett packing and crying like a baby Democrat.

The media has been beside themselves on the matter...."Why, he didn't do anything, he was one of the most conservative members of the senate, he was a reliable conservative vote!"

Precisely. We need need more than just votes now, we need boat rockers. Captain Obama and his Democrat Titanic have a rendezvous with destiny, and we need massive icebergs like Chris Christie, not bed-wetters like Robert Bennett.

GOP voters are done with conservative politicians who fold like Biden holding a royal flush.