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Support Media Brain Farts...Ask Them if the Tea Party is More Patriotic Than Terrorists

There should be a conservative news network for terrorism called "Duh"

The identity and motivation of the almost-was NYC bomber was breaking news to the mainstream media...rational American's had already moved on from that mystery, oh, say, 9 years before the bomb was even planted.

Here is the video of Mayor Bloomberg saying what was mentioned in the previous post about his indirect insinuation that a Tea Party member could have been the one motivated to execute the Time Square attempted bombing.

Hey big spender!

Some people say he was trying to be politically correct. I don't know what he was thinking, but I'm willing to guess that maybe he was telegraphing that he didn't actually believe what he was saying because he only bet 25 cents on it!

Can you imagine what the odds on that would be if he was right? He could probably give away all of his pre-winnings money and still be a billionaire.

THATS why the admire Obama!

The hope and expectation of these blithering idiots in the media that "this time" will be different is so nauseatingly, outrageously, know what....I actually can't find an adjective adequate enough satisfy a description of how stupid these people are. Its hard to believe these people are smart enough to even read their teleprompters.

Obviously we know now that this guy is certainly NOT ticked off about ObamaCare, Mr. Mayor, only overpaid brainless oxygen wasters thought this was possible.

He probably also went all the way to Pakistan to teach himself without any help whatsoever how to make the bomb he planted.........right guys........right?

Where did these crickets come from?