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Poem: Mayday in America

Ears to hear a rational way to see
the problems of society
Are clouded by race baiting
Power hungry satiating


Who shed crocodile tears
For downtrodden plight
And provoking "civil rights" fights
by and for people who

Are NOT civil


Are NOT right

The winners are
race baiters who hate our system
and use it to strive
for vote buys
that abide by
their goal of supply side marxism
that markets to the needy
Their "need"
for these power greedy


Using May Day
to say
we want it OUR way

It never dawns on these pawns
to see that their "leaders" look at them and say
Who is "WE"
There is only enough room on this throne for


Maybe May Day
for some
but its mayday for the idea of
America undone