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l Bet Reid Can Fit The Names His Supporters on His Hand

UPDATE: Apparently according to some readers my attempt at a clever pun of a headline for this post (Palin's Palm Pilot Should Reid (meaning "read"...haha, but not really) Into The Flattery of Imitation) didn't work too well, so it has been changed to something that "makes sense," post starts now:

Harry Reid is starting to make me think I've been channeling way too much energy into painting Biden as a gaffe factory

Why is the club so smokey if there is only one pers-Ohhh, its Obama

Its bad enough that Harry Reid views the Senate as a sort of open mic night at some smokey Vegas chuckle shack with only one patron busting out punchlines like Obama can hide his negro dialect, and ObamaCare opponents would fight for slavery, but now I'm starting to worry that he has run out of ideas for his own material. I mean really, the Palin hand joke...again?

What Reid should have remembered to write on that hand is that needed to tell that joke two months ago when it may have been funny to people who think toilet humor is for phD's.

You betcha!

How about this one Harry, can you fit the names of every person actually willing to vote for you on your hand?

And did you hear the woman that almost stepped on Reid's "joke"? She wants the Tea Partiers to "drop dead"...

Well lady, we're rubber and Reid is glue...whatever YOU say bounces off of us and sticks to HIS chances for reelection.

I swear, if the GOP doesn't take this seat....