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If You Think Islands Float, You MUST Be A Liberal

Many of you have probably already seen this. While I wish this was an April fools joke...I'm so glad it isn't...because its just too good...

One thing not in their water...
REAL islands

This guy represents the 4th District of Georgia, which is where his predecessor and fellow screwloose Cynthia McKinney came from. Clearly, there is something in the water in that part of Georgia.

I know the quality of the video isn't too great, but you can almost see the Admiral trying to hold back his smirk, and the woman behind him is less successful, when he says they don't anticipate the island...capsizing...

Does this man not have congressional aides who can help him figure out what an island is?!? Does he think these masses of land are just bobbing in the water like the rubber duckies he plays with in his bathtub?!?

More importantly how many more of these incidents must the country endure before the Dan Quayle is even? The media TRIES to grant radio silence to the idiotic things liberals say, but

They say

"Who are these people?" To busts of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin at Monticello (Al Gore)

FDR went on TV when he was President in 1929 (Joe Biden)

There are 57 states (President Obama)

Islands capsize (Hank Johnson)

We say

Potatoe...which could have been right if Quayle had only tried pretending the girl was trying to spell "POTATOES"




Its funny, but its also a little enraging. This man he works half as hard, and has a quarter of the intelligence of a paint sniffing ditch digger in a coma, and he gets paid roughly $175,000 per year to dictate how we should live our lives. This man voted for ObamaCare, he has power that puts the fate of this country in his hands.

Redistribution of IQ is socialism we can believe in

We have to hear from liberals how conservatives with their voodoo magic beliefs that used to be known to most of them as Christianity are mentally ill equipped to be in charge of stuff. As far as I'm concerned they're way behind the 8-ball if we have to keep score in the IQ wars. Theres no doubt where the Vegas easy money would go if the two parties had to stack up against Jeff Foxworthy's 5th graders.

Its no wonder we get ideas like ObamaCare, and cap and tax, and reparations, and blah blah blah the list could go on forever...These people can barely handle basic facts of life.

Well, they don't have brains for brains...THATS for sure

***UPDATE*** Some who have read this are admonishing me to go easy on the guy because he has Hepatitis C...the last time I checked that affects the liver, which would explain this video perfectly if someone can medically prove to me that liberals have livers for brains.

That just begs the question: If Dick Cheney should have stepped down as vice president because of his heart condition, should liberals (or anyone for that matter) be allowed to make country altering decisions when they're "brain" damaged?