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Obama Gets the Conservative "Thank You" He Asks For

Recently, President Obama had a couple of events where he had a chance to speak read his teleprompter to a bunch of people apparently born yesterday.

Oh it was a hoot, he read that same joke he's been telling for a month now about how he isn't seeing the Armageddon outside his window that conservatives promised when health care deform passed.

Oh it's just so funny! I wonder if after the first day of diagnosis a terminal medical patient that was given months to live would be so glib.

HAHA yeah right doc, MY ASS, I'm gonna die, I feel great and you're just a big fat quack so give me that chemo in a shot glass....I' you.....

See I still have my hair! Look outside do YOU see Armageddon?!?

Just call me Mr. Right Now 'cuz I only live in the mom-...ulp...barfing now...but it's not the chemo, I'm just drunk on arrogance.

Speaking around the same time as the tax day Tea Party rallies Obama had this to say about those rallies (the video I found has been juxtaposed with a comment rising GOP star Paul Ryan.

So Barack thinks we should be thanking him....people who opt to give out trail mix instead of candy on Halloween expect a thank you too.

It's a downpayment on my imminently higher health insurance premium

Even though I did indeed receive some BS $400 credit along with "95% of working families," (rich people don't work, apparently they just crap money like they're human ATM's). Now all I have to do now is figure out how that money going unspent on Uncle Barack is supposed to help me.

Is he still going to expect a thank you when his trillion dollar deficit exacerbating policies, not counting ObamaCare, will demand tax hikes for more than just the rich?

I've thought about this a bit and wondered if Obama even remotely has a point. Does he deserve thanks? After some thought I came up with a few reasons we can try to utter the word "thanks" a few times before we start to produce more vomit than a bulimia convention:

Thank you President Obama for making it cool to say, "I make teleprompters."

Thank you for bowing to world leaders in a show of humility and defying those who thought that position should be reserved for public restrooms and pornos.

Thank you for making political logos cool again, swastika ruined it for everyone for so long that they almost went the way of the 19th century corset wearing dodo bird working for the pony express.

Thank you for reminding us all that a generation after the end of the Cold War "socialism" is still a four letter word.

Also, thank you for letting Biden know "four letter word" is just an expression that can be used on any word as a euphamism for his favorite word...and he can stop trying to count the letters in socialism soshallizm because the math wont work out anyway.

Thank you for a tagline that is easy to rhyme and therefore easy to mock. It would've been a lot harder if you used "orange," which for you it would've made just as much sense as using "hope" and "change."

Finally, for a while with President Bush we all thought government spending couldn't possibly get worse if he had literally taken all of our money and just threw it into some volcano in anyway, thank you Mr. President for making trillion the new billion.

I'm sure there are more reasons to thank the president, but all this thinking about it is giving me a thanks a lot for that too President Obama.