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Caption Fun With Liberals: Pelosi is 70 Going On 30

Nancy Pelosi recently graced the cover of a some socialite rag titled Capitol File. There is something glaring about the cover that kind of goes without I'm not going to say it (you'll figure it out from my captions). Rollover the numbers to see my captions and add your two cents in the comments.

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An ObamaCare Approved Snack

Move over Bill Cosby...

Obama Jello pudding pop

I couldn't help myself...her face looks too much like the Cos right there. Unfortunately these are the best photos I could find for comparison...

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FairObama, Let His People the polls

A few days ago Obama issued a message tomobilize the troops for 2010.

You can seethe video in its entirety here if you're an insomniac...or you can save yourself the trouble since I cut to the chase below:

"It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again." "If you help us do that -- if you help us make sure that first-time voters in 2008 make their voices heard again in November -- then together we will deliver on the promise of change and hope and prosperity for generations to come."

Its an electoral BOOTY CALL

You see, Obama had a one-night stand with certain voters back in '08, and at the end of it he said "I'll call you." He kept his promise...its a call to action.

Man oh man, I can see the campaign pamphlets now...

race cards

Sure, this response is a bit hyperbolic, but the brazen nature of such hyperbole pales in comparison to a sitting president's appeal to minorities to flip on their Obamaton switch in what is supposed to be some sort of "post-racial presidency."

To be sure, the demographics he mentions did indeed "power" his victory, but the teleprompter forgot to let him know that such a strategy for a Democratic victory is a glass that is half empty.

Wouldn't Dean taking crazy pills be like stealing thunder from armageddon?

The other half, being all the independents and Republicans that chose to give him a shot (and those who sat on their hands and refused to be a de facto vote for McCain) and are now suffering buyers remorse, is the half of the equation he poured out into the gutter the moment he decided to govern less like the center-left guy he painted himself to be and more like Howard Dean on crazy pills.

I will say this, at least the Democrats don't dance around the fact that they hold the minority vote with an iron fist.

I would love see what might happen if a Republican would say anything remotely close to what Obama said, but for "their people"....Whoever the hell that is supposed to be.

They wouldn't do it, because racists concern and obsess themselves with race.

Besides, if they did the liberals and the media would have to invent new bigot-tarring "ism's" to satiate the need to devour their "racist" right-wing carcass in the court of public opinion.

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Riot Police Score Card: Illegal Immigrants 1, Tea Party 0

I'm the son of an immigrant. My dad and his family had very little when they came to North America, but the navigated the system and became American citizens...more importantly than that he AND my grandparents became American.

What kind of twilight zone did we enter where it was controversial to criminalize illegal immigration?

Thats what Arizona just did, and you would think if you listen to liberals that the state just turned into some kind of conservative San Francisco. Requiring strangers in this land to identify themselves (this doesn't mean they are not the contrary) used to be part of the American way.

Now media like CNN are trying to claim the state is now polarized as if some racist fringe thrust this on the population like it was ObamaCare. Meanwhile Rassmussen finds 70% of likely voters favor the bill.

If Republicans controlled 70% of congress right now...they would repeal Obamacare, watch Obama use his veto pen for something other than sketching new ways he can work his logo to the most innocuous of wOrds...and then they would vaporize his veto.

Fox News - reality + fairness doctrine - freedom to choose = Cable news ratings winner

But at CNN 70% favorability of opposing illegal immigration is "polarizing." This can only mean that Nobel prize winning mathematicians work at CNN.

Compare the Tea Party to the people protesting Arizona's AB 1070. Arizona has needed riot police and have been making arrests against protesters who being hailed as "mostly peaceful".

Cuz thats how REAL domestic terrorists roll.

This of course is contrasted with the the totally peaceful Tea Party, who don't even lay a finger on Nancy Pelosi while she rubs the impending passage of ObamaCare in their faces, and yet earn the title of Timothy McVeigh Jr. from the likes of Bill Clinton

A lot has been said about the Tea Party taking similar tones, and just about none of it is provable. However, we do know that liberals via websites like have set out to pose as Tea Party members holding misspelled signs and engaging in bad behavior to make them look like the thugs in Arizona.

I've been witnessing these kind of shenanigans since I started paying attention to politics as a teenager, yet the audacity with which the liberal leaning news media tries to just flat out rewrite reality never ceases to amaze me.

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Did Mickey Mouse Go to Washington?

According to Urban Dictionary:

Mickey Mouse:
Substandard, poorly executed or organized. Amateurish.

Mickey Mouse Obama

Mickey Mouse Obama Change and Cheese

I'm just sayin'...

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The Looking Spoon: One Year Later, Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in The Looking Spoon. This month marks one year since I launched the blog in its present form. (It used to be on Blogger before I decided to host it myself, see the posts from the 2008 archive, I warn you though my current work is a lot better)

I do this because I’m passionate about what is happening in this world, and I like to make people laugh. It really is that simple.

I also got tired of hearing how conservatives have no sense of humor and they don’t know how to be funny. I hope you all have found that The Looking Spoon puts truth to that lie.

In the process of doing this I’ve found that not only does The Looking Spoon shed light on conservative humor, but there are others out there who do just as good, if not better, job at making us laugh at liberals. If you want to see them check out The List.

Every month I continue to be amazed at the growth of traffic the site gets, and I hope the second year will be just as successful as the first. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to pay attention to what this blog has to say. Your support here and on the social networks truly keeps me motivated to keep trying and going after full-time work and other family and life obligations.

Now that I'm done with the mushy stuff its back to work.

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Caption Fun with Liberals: Pelosi and Rahm

I know I'm not the first to come up with this idea....but lets have some fun with captions and liberals! Leave a comment below as to what you think is going on here. I did my own take on what they may have been saying, which you can see by rolling over the numbers below (preferably in order).

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One Man's Teapot Sedition is Another's Patriotism

Joe Klein of Time magazine on seditious conservatives...


Glenn Beck's response

Technically the show isn't Hardball but I gotta get the joke to work

It's too bad Joe couldn't manage to write on that napkin what a "dictionary monkey" is. If Klein is so adept at reading dictionary definitions you would think he could have taken even 5 seconds to identify an actual statement of sedition from either Palin or Beck. We know Chris Matthews isn't going to ask him for one, at this point the concept of Hardball only works for him when hes talking about or looking at shirtless pictures of Obama.

The only silver lining in this is...nobody freakin' heard it. Morons like Klein go on shows hosted by wannabe has-beens like Chris Matthews because their own audience is dropping faster than Matthews's Obamatons. The only reason anyone even knows about it is because talk radio and the blogosphere (guilty as charged) are crying about it. We can't help it...societal stupidity just can't go unchallenged.

Ronald Reagan only said "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction" because Mike Judge's movie Idiocracy hadn't yet been invented by Joe Klein's of today.

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Cartoon About an Earthquake in Pisa, Italy

This is going to be totally non-political and off subject of The Looking Spoon's mission, but its something fun I wanted to share.

Seeing that today is Earth Day and considering all the earthquakes all over the world along with the volcano in Iceland I was reminded of an OLD cartoon I drew YEARS ago before I started getting fancy with my computer pen tablet and Photoshop...

There was a time where I only wanted to do gag cartoons like this one, but there are more important things to work on now.

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Meet Obamaton

Last month I came up with a little character called 'Lil TeaBagger and have had some fun with that...

Now meet Obamaton, because somebody something has to support Obama as his approval rating continues to plummet.

I'll figure out other things to do with him. YES YOU CAN follow the little guy on Twitter by clicking here.

If you want to join the Facebook fan page then check it out here.

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