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Can't We Just Deem and Pass Obama's Defeat in 2012?

We are at what is probably the most significant of crossroads this country has seen in my lifetime. No matter what happens the Democrats face a can of whoop-ass in November. Either health care fails and Republicans make significant gains, or it passes and Obama gets to spend the remainder of his only term in office dealing with a Republican Congress.

Obamacare wont cover Uncle Sam's case of chronic crappy leadership matter what happens remember this.....the really bad news is Joe Biden will still be the Vice President.

From "gator aide" and the "cornhusker kickback" to ousting congressman Eric Massa, the brazen, in broad daylight, deal making, arm twisting and flat-out bribery taking place by President Obama (for example as if you needed another) should be a national scandal.

Well, GQ and Rielle Hunter apparently don't make the scandal cut so why should this?

Really though happened to the smoke-filled back room deals done in secret?

..............HELLO!?! Is this mic on?

ROOMS...filled with SMOKE....wouldn't you think THAT would put Obama in his element to make deals?

Its almost as if our president is really just some bad James Bond villain who just can help himself but to tell us the details his evil master plan. It really is too bad the GOP is less like 007 and more like Inspector Clouseau.

Obama may be crazy but he's right when he asks where the Republicans have been on this issue. In the 12 years they had power they could have prevented this fight by pushing reforms in the marketplace...instead the system spiraled out of control and now we have a political party using the chaos as an excuse to make the biggest grab for power maybe ever.

The fact that the GOP wins because the measure is so unpopular has more to do with dumb luck than some sort of ideological or political victory...I'll take it where I can get it, but this is not a proper foundation for the successful comeback of a political party.

Did someone say Demon Pass?

The worst part about it all is that as of this writing health care "deform" may happen without an actual vote taking place. If this "deem and pass" trick Pelosi is trying to pull was even a slightly more legitimate move than John Edwards's and Rielle Hunter's kid then why spend all this time hunting for votes and talking about having them (which they clearly don't have if they need to resort to this).

I know I've said it before and its worth repeating...for eight years this country endured the most ridiculous of notions that George W. Bush wanted to establish himself as dictator-in-chief after some catastrophe he created so he could impose martial law before the '08 election and not have to step aside.

This line of thinking is known as being "intellectual" in social circles that include that guy from "I am Sam" trying to act like some normal dude named Sean Penn when he's not on the set of some crappy Oscar nominated movie that nobody watches. These are the types of people in charge right now!

The point of all this being...what a difference just under two years makes! The left's cries of a Bush dictatorship were not for concern over the country, they were made out of jealousy.

If liberals enjoyed this level of support for opposition to the Iraq war, both in public opinion and Congress, they would've declared the execution of the war the death of American democracy. So lets not pretend this BS is the voice of the people being heard. If everything in Washington DC continues at this rate and Obama is reelected in 2012 someone better find out who got Iran's Ahmadinejad to advise him on how to pull it off.