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When Obamacare Passed Congress I Didn't See Any Singing Fat Ladies

Unlike the experience of liberals hearing the name Barack Obama for first time, I don't remember the exact day or time I knew for a fact that God exists, but I remember how I got to that point.

Before that moment I was very liberal on the matter of religion and morality in general. I thought that all religions in general could and did bring about positive influence in the lives of people. I also thought that as long as you are a good person you were bound for whatever heaven was supposed to be. Whatever good meant to me back then I'll never be able to actually tell you, but it was probably as ambiguous as the meaning of "pro-life" is to a Democrat.

AKA liberal hell part one

It was 2004, I was in college, it was my final year before entering the "real" world. I was heavily involved with my school's College Republican chapter and I wrote op ed's for the school paper (as far as I knew I was literally the lone conservative voice in the entire campus media, and it was at one of the largest universities in my state).

One night I was driving in my car and I started thinking about of my efforts in being a part of the fight for the Republican party. The Democrats were having their primaries and I was wondering if we could succeed in getting President Bush reelected, which then lead me to start thinking about how electoral fortunes come and go for both parties. a woman who watches The View to gain IQ points...what should have been so obvious to begin with dawned on me.....

Except for entitlements, Nancy Pelosi's face and Ted Kennedy's halitosis

Nothing we do can last forever. The results of elections have shelf lives, and with little exception the legacy of campaigns don't tend to last after they've been gone for a generation or so.

Then I started to realize the same was true of life in general, more precisely this life.

So that's why Robert Byrd has so many buildings named after him

When we die we live on in the people who knew us directly, after this we usually become a distant memory to the people who knew them, beyond that any influence we held in this life is all but forgotten.

I couldn't help but think what the point of it all was if nothing we do lives very far beyond our time on Earth. I realized at that point that we aren't living for this life. We are working toward the next life, our real and eternal life.

To make a long story short, I not only realized that without question God exists, but over the last few years I began to really understand that we are made for His glory.

Luckily, its also very covered by the government now

What happened on that Sunday night, March 21, 2010 is a shining example of all of this. The work of Ronald Reagan and his legacy came to a close. It is very depressing.

Remembering the fact that God, not man, is in control of all things is quite literally the only thing that helps me cope with nights like this, which as The Drudge Report put it, is "a day that will live in INFIRMARY."

We also need to accept this defeat as something that must happen in accordance with His plan. I prayed as millions have prayed that this wouldn't pass. He didn't answer that prayer and while I don't like it I know there is a reason.

Just because He didn't intercede now doesn't mean he wont later. Its entirely possible that this defeat is meant to strengthen our resolve to fight even harder to preserve this Christian nation and take the principals that ushered in the Reagan Revolution to establish a new legacy, one that God-fearing leaders like Reagan could be proud of.

Millions acted against Obamacare in the form of protests, now its time to take action against the ENTIRE government we currently have by acting in the form of organizing, donating, calling, knocking on doors, and most of all using the new media to beat back this president and his lapdogs in congress at their own game.

I know I'm in.

Throughout all of this we need leaders worthy and willing to serve Him above their lust for a place of power in this country to emerge. We the people will need to support them when they are right, and check them when they are wrong.

In doing all of this we MUST continue to pray to God that He will be the wind at our backs...its the only way we will find success in any of this.

I didn't see any fat ladies singing in Congress during that vote...did you?