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Joe Biden's Audacity of Dope

You know, I can't find the article of the constitution that permits them to do anything on the Obama Administrations agenda, so I REALLY don't know which Article of the Constitution says the Vice President shall be the official national court jester.

My last post about the Health Care Summit failed to find any diamonds in that rough...until now...

Biden: "It's easy being vice president. You don't have to do anything"

Unidentified lawmaker: "It's like being the grandpa and not the parent,"

Biden: "Yeah, that's it!"

Biden never said that, thats just another lie from the right wing propaganda lie talk radio spin doctors-wait...whats that video for?

To digress for a second...did anyone notice how quickly Obama's "smile" became a "holy crap I'm really the president" face?

Anyway, to be fair to Joey B the VP, we don't actually want him to do anything! Honestly, he just needs to sit there and look pretty busy like we deserve him less like a vegetable.

Also, Jay Carney, Biden's spokesperson clarifies that he was "obviously joking, as any review of his schedule and responsibilities would make abundantly clear." So if he says so while darting his eyes constantly to see if Congressman Joe Wilson is in the room then it must be true.

What??? plagiarized from the schedules of past VP's?

I would be happy to take Carney up on his offer to review the schedule of events written up for Biden, but frankly I'm afraid that it may'm not going to say it because its not fair to Joe...he made one mistake long ago and I'm not going to take the opportunity to exploit that mistake for the sake of making any cheap shots because thats not what The Looking Spoon is all about....and I'm not going there...

Ok I went there, and while the scandal about the speech he plagiarized is 22 years old now, I'm not sure it's actually old news, because I just found a leaked copy of the cover of his upcoming memiors...

I guess all he has to do now is get all the other monkeys and typewriters in the same room as him and just start writing it.