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Hey Al Gore, Don't Eat Yellow Snowflakes!

Speaking of BELIEVE remind me to tell you later about how I saw Elvis humming that song with Sonny Bono at last weeks Tupac concert

Its hard to imagine what actually went on at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen when you consider fewer of us BELIEVE in it. In fact...its support has been slipping for a while.

I'm not really sure how something like this could happen.....

Maybe its the fishy science behind it.

Or the science behind it that seems kind of fishy.

Or maybe its the Climategate emails revealing collusion to doctor the research in ways that would make Milli Vanilli's Grammy blush.

Or maybe its the desire to hold the climate summit at the same time as the Copenhagen Private Jet show.

Or maybe it's that the world is FREEZING right now and maybe there shouldn't be record lows when the world is supposedly getting warmer.

That said, each "snowflake" represents a headline in the news about how the country is getting colder than the Clintons on date night. Give them a peak and watch Al Gore try to eat his words.