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Universal Care Opposition = Slavery...or Maybe Harry Is Just In To Bondage?


I won't bother posting the video since you may have seen or heard about it....but if you haven't its right have not it you can find it here.

Is Tiger Wood's penis desperate?

A lot of people want to say he is getting desperate making the comparison universal health opponents would keep slavery. A lot of people are wrong....because its an insult to desperation. Starving refugees in Darfur are desperate, high school nerds looking for a prom date are desperate, if Paris Hilton ever filled out a job application...THAT would be a superb example of using the word "desperate."

Senator Harry Reid is not desperate, he is one of the dumbest men in America today. Ranking, in my humble opinion, somewhere between zebra snot and Kevin Federline.

If Dirty Brain Harry wants really go down that road then the GOP should accuse the Democrats of feeling the same way in regards to their refusal to do anything to save Social Security....which is in a real crisis in need of serious governmental reform. Nobody says it though...BECAUSE ONLY IDIOTS DO THAT!

Furthermore I really really REALLY want to know what kind of "slavery" Reid thinks he's saving the country from in imposing the kind of healthcare system countries like Canada has on us?


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This guy and the 59 other pompous asses that voted to debate this bill fail to understand that the system they are setting up is nothing less than slavery itself. Its actually worse, because unlike the slavery in the south this will be a system the people will find themselves perilously addicted to.