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The Top 15 (satire) Political Headlines of 2009

Since we are drawing near the end of 2009 I did a review of some of the best satire headlines I wrote for The Looking Spoon over the year. I narrowed the choices down to the top 15 (out of hundreds) that either were my favorites, got tremendous response on the social networks, or both.

15. Pelosi Mobbed At Disneyland By Children Begging For Autographs And Asking Her Why She Hates Dalmatians

14. Upon Realizing He Actually Wanted To Send Only 3000 Troops To Afghanistan Obama Fires Teleprompter

13. Green Jobs Czar Calling GOP "Assholes" Admits His Mouth Is Registered Republican

12. Leaks Of Meeting With Gen. McChrystal Reveal Sobbing Obama Admits He Can't Even Beat His Kids At Stratego

11. Oprah Edits Out Part Of Palin Interview Where She Says Alaskans Can Now See Russia In The White House

10. Obama Announces Establishment Of Official Fan Club: Friends Of Obama League (FOOL)

9. John Edwards Confesses To Also Fathering Children Of Octomom, Earns Nickname "Johnny Crappleseed"

8. Obama Resigns From Presidency In A Move To Spend More Time With His Speeches

7. "Czar Vetting Czar" Appointed To Vet Other Czars Will Himself Be Vetted By A "Vetting Czar Czar"

6. With Unemployment At 26 Year High, Obama Cancels Labor Day Due To Lack Of Participation

5. VP Biden Clarifies Statement On Swine Flu Travel, Says People Should Only Avoid Planes "When Pigs Fly"

4. Poll Finds Americans Mistakenly Think Cash For Clunkers Program Refers To Salaries For Congress

3. Scientists Say Global Warming Slow Down Not Permanent, Predict Warming To Resume Some Time After End Of Winter

2. The Dollar Falls To New All-Time Low Against The Counterfeit Dollar

1. White House Halloween Party Cancelled After Biden Suggests That Obama Go As A U.S. Citizen

I hope you enjoy this, if so share it with your friends, we can all use a good laugh at the expense of the party in power. There are many more that I wanted to include but I really wanted to limit it to 15. So I’m planning on putting together a list of honorable mentions sometime next week.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!