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The Two Words Beyonce Has In Common With Obama's Entire Presidency

In case you missed it, it turns out Beyonce lip synched the National Anthem at the inauguration.

Only when Democrats are in power...and they wonder why people think they don't like America! How can they like a country they can't even respect?


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The Reason Liberals Need To Admit Life Begins At Conception

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A Nasty Side Effect Of When RINO's Endorse Democrats

A follow up to this post on Powell's continued defection from the party that helped him rise to where he is today. (h/t to @stoo for making me aware of the Powell pic)

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The Irony Of Liberals Believing Gun Control Saves Lives

It has been said so much...too much...that it is becoming cliche to say that gun control only affects the law abiding. It's not even debatable, unless you're not smart enough to understand common sense.

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The Reason Churchill Was Wrong About Liberals Having Heart

This piece will probably set off some of those shining beacons of intellectualism on the left.

The truth is Churchill was wrong, conservatives have both heart and brains. Liberals would disagree because they favor unfettered social welfare, but there's no real heart in a political philosophy where the individual prefers personally divorcing themselves from the act of charity by mandating a bigger government to take care of it for them.

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A Good Prison Name For Conservatives Living Under A Liberal Warden

Random thought of the day...or maybe not given all the fiscal cliff nonsense.

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The Democratic Party's Crusade Against American Success Can Be Summed Up In Three Words...

This was inspired when I happened to have Rush on this morning and the guest host, Doug Urbanski, was going on about how he heard Juan Williams complain that he doesn't like New Years Eve because there's always someone out there having more fun than he is.

Doug went on to say that encapsulates liberalism perfectly...given there are studies that prove this, it's hard to disagree with that assessment.

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