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First, Democrats Came For The Guns, But They're Also Coming For This...

I actually did this one months ago, but I didn't post it because I wasn't sure it was worth posting, but on a whim I posted on Facebook and it got tremendous here ya go...

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Candy Hearts Made Just For Liberal Democrats

I don't mean to brag...but I got #LiberalCandyHearts trending on Twitter for a time yesterday (my first time getting a hashtag to trend).

Most of these are my own, some were taken from my favorites that others came up with.

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Marco Rubio Doesn't Have A SOTU "Drinking Problem"...

Apparently Rubio taking a sip of water is a big deal. In fact the left is trying to call it a drinking problem.

That's how you know they don't have the intellectual fortitude to respond to his response.

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The Only Appropriate Position For A Democrat Senator Who Has Sex With Foreign Hookers

If you've never heard of this guy you can get a good start and learn more than you ever wanted to know from The Lonely Conservative and The Other McCain.

He replaced John Kerry as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations's too perfect.

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There's Reason Ted Cruz's Questions To Chuck Hagel Angered And Confused Democrats

He's been a senator for only a few days and he's already rocketing to the top as a Republican star...which is admittedly a low bar lately. Check out the full video at The Right Scoop.

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A Federal Court Had Three Words For Obama's Recess Appointments

In case you missed it... Finally a good day for America, it's been a while.

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