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How Bing Manipulated Data To Give Obama Higher Marks On His SOTU Speech Than He Deserved

Sometimes in school exams are graded on a curve so that students who should've failed don't.

Well, Bing graded Obama on a HUGE curve. Below is the partisan breakdown, but they did it on gender, and probably everything.

See the original raw data chart here, and the full infographic from Bing here.

Click the image to see a larger version.

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Obama's State Of The Union By The Numbers

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There's One Really Great Way Conservatives Could Meet Liberals Half-Way On Gun Control

Why punish everyone when we should really focus on those responsible?

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Obama Will Do Anything For Kids, But He Wont Do That...

If we had honest debate in this country Democrats would've been laughed off the stage, much less gotten elected in the first place, long long ago...

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The Obvious Reason So Much Of Society Is In Decline

From Image Blitz

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How Does Obama's Skeet Shooting Measure Up?

Well, let's see...

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The Point At Which Obama's Skeet Shooting Becomes Illegal...

I don't normally post on the weekend, but the White House released a photo of Obama skeet shooting. Apparently, we're not allowed to spoof it, which I guess is their opening salvo on the first amendment now...anyway, I can't resist.

I'm sure the gun experts will have something to say about my "technique", but I think the point comes across...

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The Mainstream (Liberal) Media Explained In Six Pictures

Click the image to see it at full size.

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